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Specializing in the Food and AgriBusiness Industries
About Us
First Search America, Inc. has been Successfully Recruiting and Placing the Top Industry Talent with Food and Agribusiness Companies for more than 30 years!

We have a team of consultants/ recruiters who specialize in the Poultry, Beef, Pork and Food Processing industries.
Career Opportunities
Processing / Production - Poultry
Complex Manager
Operations Manager
Plant Manager
Production Manager - Debone
Shift Manager - 1st & 2nd Processing
Superintendent - 1st Processing
Superintendent - 2nd Processing
Superintendent - Further Processing
Live Receiving Supervisor
Evisceration Supervisor
Cut-Up Supervisor
Debone Supervisor
DSI Supervisor
Traypack Supervisor
IQF Supervisor
Further Processing Supervisor
Fully Cooked Supervisor

Processing / Production - Beef & Pork 
Rendering Manager
Production Supervisor - Kill
Fabrication Supervisor

Human Resources
Complex Human Resources Manager

Candidate Profiles
Production Supervisor
BS degree; 2½ years Supervision of Forming (Formax) through Packaging and Labeling of 100,000+ lbs. of production per day. Processes included: Forming, Marination, Pre-Glaze, Char Grill, Ovens, and IQF; Packaging and Labeling. HACCP, USDA and FSIS Regulations, GMP, and SQF. Whole Muscle, Chopped, Ground Poultry, Beef, Pork, and Turkey.

Production / Plant Manager
Bachelor's Degree, HACCP & SQF Certified, prior military and 18+ years’ progressive management experience in the meat and poultry industries.  Experience includes but is not limited to:  batching, slicing, grinding, cooking, portion control, blending, mixing, ovens, water cooking, injection, cut, IQF, marination, smokehouse, packaging, QA Management, auditing, inspecting, pre-op, recalls, and NRs. Wrote & implemented HACCP and SSOP programs. Managed small to large groups.  Some accomplishments include:  redesigned production lines to reduce labor costs by 33% and increased shelf life of raw materials by changing storage parameters.  Excellent communication . . .

Maintenance Lead
Experience includes maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of 2nd Processing Poultry equipment, ...
Our objective at First Search America, Inc. is to provide you, the customer, with candidates who meet the qualifications you specify but also have a track record of success and valid reasons for a job change.  We want our candidates to be long term, successful employees for you.
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